We are proud to host special events and workshops each month. These events are geared towards providing more time for students to connect with themselves and others, further cultivating our wonderful community.

Class packages may not be used for special events. Each special event has it's own pricing option. Special events are non-refundable unless event is cancelled. If unable to attend, consider gifting to a friend. 


February Challenge!

Yoga Bingo! Practice, Play, Win! February 1-28th!

February is Heart Health Month. What better time for you to renew or begin your yoga practice, or try something new and stretch yourself, physically and mentally. The Yoga Loft's Bingo challenge will give you the chance to experience more, learn more, and grow more. Whether you're looking to grow in your practice, start your journey, or try something new, now is the time! 

FREE to Join. Open to New & Existing Students! Cards will be at the studio the week of 1/25. Grab a card, write your name on it and we'll create a heart healthy wall of healing! 

Collect squares to collect prizes. It's that easy! Use your existing package or purchase our special Yoga Bingo Pass. Yoga Bingo Pass: 1 month unlimited starting 2/1/21 and expires 2/28/21. $110 (normally priced $125). Series, events and workshops not included. Pass will be on sale the week of 1/25/21! Do the math-this is an amazing price!


+As you attend classes and complete a square, teachers will initial before or after class the corresponding challenge. Cards kept at the studio on our heart healthy wall of healing.

+One square per day unless it is a challenge square.

+Challenge runs 2/1-2/28.

+There are 4 tiers of prize packages that you will be entered into based on squares completed. A winner from each will be chosen randomly on 3/1/21. Prizes won will be for the month of March 2021.


1. Four Corners (all 4 corner spots completed)- Winner will receive  a 5 Class Package + TYL Tote & Towel
2. Straight Bingo (5 in a row either vertical, horizontal or diagonal)- Winner will receive a 10 Class Package + TYL Tote & Towel
3. X, T, L or Cross (spaces in X, T, L or Cross completed) -Winner will receive 1 Month Unlimited Pass + TYL Tote, Towel and T-shirt
4. Blackout (every space covered)- Winner will receive a 1 Month Unlimited Pass + Manduka Pro-Lite yoga mat, TYL Tote, Towel and Sweatshirt


Come Practice and Play with us for your heart health and chance to Win these amazing prizes! Watch your email to see when pass is available for purchase!


"Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, find a space where I could focus on me and build confidence, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live more mindfully and to be present in each moment."

~ Donna


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