We offer a variety of classes for any student level. All classes can be modified, listen to your body. Classes are heated between 74-80 degrees.

Pre-registration required. Studio space is marked to social distancing guidelines.  Class sizes range from 10-16 students + teacher. 

 Sign up minimum of 45 minutes prior to class start time. Registration closes.  Kindly cancel any class reservations a minimum of 2 hours prior to avoid being charged. These windows allow teachers enough travel time to the studio and for class preparation. Late cancellation charges are: package holders will be charged a class and memberships will receive a $10 invoice.  If you are not sure of your schedule, sign up closer to the start of class. Special events are non-refundable unless event is cancelled. If unable to attend, consider gifting to a friend. 

If you are feeling ill prior to registration or at class time please stay home and heal following COVID-19 guidelines. Please see notes on COVID-19 page under "studio" tab.

Schedule will show "VIRTUAL" if this class is via Zoom only or available as a hybrid of virtual/zoom. Be mindful if registering for virtual or in studio classes to avoid being charged a no show. If practicing virtually, a Zoom link is auto emailed to you upon registration or can be found in your account within the class registered. 


 Note: We may require 2-4 (class determines min.) participants in order for class to run as a safety precaution for students and teachers. We are grateful for your understanding. You will receive an email or text if class is cancelled. Please be sure your account has a phone number listed and email "opt in" selected. 

Winter Weather Class Updates

We typically cancel classes if Howard-Suamico schools cancel to ensure yogis and teachers safety.

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Warrior One

Vinyasa class blends breath with series of yoga poses. Be prepared move through challenging sequences guaranteed to strengthen and release your body and mind. This class is appropriate for all levels. Beginners are encouraged to move at their own pace, modify, and take breaks as needed. ​

Bring yoga mat and water. Studio heated to 76 degrees.

Heated Vinyasa Sculpt

Girls Doing Push Ups

Do you love an energized flow? If so, Vinyasa Sculpt is for you! This flow is more intensified that incorporates hand weights and bursts of cardio to build heat. This class will leave you sweating while burning calories and building lean muscle mass to add strength into your yoga practice.


Bring yoga mat and water. Studio heated to 80 degrees. Accessible to all levels.

Heated Power Flow

Yoga Class

This faster paced yoga class is heated naturally (body heat) allowing for the safe exploration of more complex and challenging asanas. This class is ideal for students with an established practice who can approach challenge with mindfulness, strong alignment, and breath. 


Bring yoga mat and water. Studio heated to 80 degrees. Beginners, however, are welcome and encouraged to move at their own pace with modifications.​

Slow | Beginner Flow

Yoga Pose

This practice instills new students with the comfort, strength and knowledge to explore their practice, and gives experienced students a gentler, more relaxed flow with a focus on alignment. The flow pauses occasionally to explore and deepen awareness. After dissolving on the mat and relaxing in savasana, you’ll emerge balanced and grounded. Great for all levels. 

Bring yoga mat and water. Studio heated to 74-76 degrees.

Rise & Shine Flow

Yoga Class

This morning class will help you rise and shine so you can greet your day with love and peace in your heart. Moving at a slower pace, this class will offer warm-ups of sun salutations to embrace the rising sun, followed by luxurious good morning stretches to work out any tension spots from sleeping. We will end with meditation in savasana and setting intentions for the day so we can move forward feeling awake, peaceful, and ready to handle the full day ahead.

Bring yoga mat and water. Studio heated to 74-76 degrees.

Vin to Yin Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Vin to Yin is a perfect partnership of a Yin/Yang yoga practice. Active, yet grounding sun salutations and standing flows are offered in the first half of class to enliven the body and chase away any fatigue, our Vin. The Yin half of class offers passive, seated and supine poses that are held for anywhere from 2–5 minutes on each side. The Yin aspect helps to switch off fight-or-flight mode, promoting balance throughout the nervous system and allowing for a sense of peace and relaxation. 

Bring yoga mat and water. Studio heated to 76 degrees.

Restorative Yoga + Guided Meditation

Image by Anton Shuvalov

Begin by exploring techniques designed to bring you peace of mind, reduced stress, and improved concentration. Follow this with supported poses that promote deep relaxation and rest. This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and restored.

Bring yoga mat, water and any props you enjoy using in this style of yoga. Studio props available. Studio heated to 74-76 degrees.

Yin Yoga by Twinklelight

Image by Amit Srivastava

Yin yoga has many benefits other than just being a good balance to our active life styles. The Yin practice releases fascia and improves joint mobility allowing the flow of nutrients and energy through the body. With the help of blocks, bolsters and straps this lovely stretching allows your joints to decompress, open, and exhale a sign of relief. Holds are 3-5 minutes in a calm setting with inward reflection. As an added bonus, the YIN practice calms and balances the mind and body, increases circulation, improves flexibility and balances the internal organs. You will leave feeling dreamy. ​

Bring yoga mat, water and any props you enjoy using in this style of yoga. Studio props available. Studio heated to 74-76 degrees.

Yoga Fusion

Pilates Class

What is Yoga Fusion?

This is an energizing low impact, high-intensity class that blends Yoga, Pilates, and contemporary body conditioning to build core strength, flexibility and a total body workout.


Classes may include use of weights, balls, sliders and bands; studio provided. Accessible to all levels. Studio heated 76-80 degrees.

Gentle & Restorative Yoga

Yoga Stretches

This class offers a blissful blend of gentle movement and restorative poses. Yogis will warm their bodies with a seated series followed by a non-strenuous standing series. Allowing plenty of time at the end to wind down with props and longer holds, to restore your body and reset your mind!​

Bring yoga mat, water and any props you enjoy using in this style of yoga. Studio props available. Studio heated to 74-76 degrees.

Restorative Yoga by Candlelight 

Image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum

Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. You will move through only a few postures through the course of an hour. This allows the body to fully relax, restore and let go. Practice is held in the glow of candlelight and soul soothing music. You will leave feeling dreamy.

This class is appropriate for anyone new to yoga, seniors, and people with injuries, disabilities or illnesses – or anyone who wants a gentler experience. 

Bring yoga mat, water and any props you enjoy using in this style of yoga. Studio props available. Studio heated to 74-76 degrees.

Beginner Series | September 15, 22, 29

Cat Cow Pose

Beginning or coming back to your yoga practice can be a challenge. It is learning and remembering a new language, literally and physically! To support your journey, we have created this Beginner Series!

In this series, you will explore the yoga poses and practiced our traditional yoga classes. You will learn how to safely work your way into poses and the benefits to your body and mind. Each week will explore new poses. You will discover areas of strength and ability in your body you didn’t even know you had. 

Email us at to find out when our next series starts!