Registration through our website or Mindbody app required. Sign up min. 30 minutes prior to class, cancel min. of 2 hours prior to avoid being charged. A Zoom link will be emailed to you 30 minutes prior to class start time. Use Zoom link to enter virtual class and practice from anywhere! 


We offer a variety of classes for any student level. All classes can be modified, listen to your body.


Room temperature for classes ranges from 70-80 degrees. 


Registration through our website or Mindbody app required. Sign up min. 30 minutes prior to class, cancel min. of 2 hours prior to avoid being charged. These windows allow teachers enough travel time to the studio and for class preparation. If you are not sure of your schedule, sign up closer to the start of class. Special events are non-refundable unless event is cancelled. If unable to attend, consider gifting to a friend. 


 Note: We require 2-4 (class determines min.) participants in order for class to run. We are grateful for your understanding. You will receive an email or text if class is cancelled. 

Winter Weather Class Updates

We typically cancel classes if Howard-Suamico schools cancel to ensure yogis and teachers safety.

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Duration:  60 minutes     

This Vinyasa class blends breath with series of yoga poses. Be prepared move through challenging sequences guaranteed to strengthen and release your body and mind. This class is appropriate for all levels. Beginners are encouraged to move at their own pace, modify, and take breaks as needed. 

Power Flow

​Duration:  60 minutes   


This faster paced yoga class is heated naturally (body heat) allowing for the safe exploration of more complex and challenging asanas. This class is ideal for students with an established practice who can approach challenge with mindfulness, strong alignment, and breath. Beginners, however, are welcome and encouraged to move at their own pace with modifications.

Meditate and Restore

Duration: 60 minutes

We’ll practice simple meditation (focusing the mind), mindfulness (being present) and contemplation (reflecting on how you are feeling) to become present in our practice. For our meditation we’ll sit upright to align the body’s energy centers as we bring awareness and concentration to the breath as a way of bringing focus of the mind. The word “concentrate” implies effort! So, while we may look peaceful and serene sitting on our cushions, inside, we may be working quite hard to rein in our mental activity.


During practice we will continue concentrating on the breath or an intention.

The intent of restorative yoga is to enable healing through rest. Reclining postures are fully supported with blankets, bolsters and other props. You will rest in poses 5-10 minutes to allow the body time to return to its natural, un-stressed state. In this class you may feel that the “rest” periods are somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. Your experience in this practice is meant to be totally effortless, comfortable and relaxing.


In this class, we begin with 10-15 minutes of seated meditation, allowing students to become present in the space and their breath. We will then move into our restorative pose series where students will continue in a meditative practice, quieting the mind and restoring the body. The reality of all yoga practice is that each time, for each student, the experience and effects will vary. But in general, students have expressed that practicing meditation and restorative in combination allows them to go deeper into both, leaving them feeling more refreshed, relaxed and renewed at the end of class.

Open to all levels. Taught at room temperature to avoid any discomfort.

We also offer one-hour Gentle & Restorative classes on Monday 4:30-5:30 pm, Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm and Restorative on Friday's at 5:00 pm.

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Beginner/Slow Flow

Duration: 60 minutes

This practice instills new students with the comfort, strength and knowledge to explore their practice, and gives experienced students a gentler, more relaxed flow with a focus on alignment. The flow pauses occasionally to explore and deepen awareness. After dissolving on the mat and relaxing in savasana, you’ll emerge balanced and grounded. Great for all levels. 

Gentle & Restorative Yoga

Duration: 60 minutes

This class is appropriate for anyone new to yoga, seniors, and people with injuries, disabilities or illnesses – or anyone who wants a more gentle experience. 


Yogis will warm their bodies with a seated series followed by a non-strenuous standing series. Allowing plenty of time at the end to wind down with props and longer holds, to restore your body and reset your mind! Everyone welcome.

Yin Yoga by Candlelight

Duration:  60 minutes

Yin yoga has many benefits other than just being a good balance to our active life styles. The Yin practice releases fascia and improves joint mobility allowing the flow of nutrients and energy through the body. With the help of blocks, bolsters and straps this lovely stretching allows your joints to decompress, open, and exhale a sign of relief. Holds are 3-5 minutes in a calm setting with inward reflection. As an added bonus, the Yin practice calms and balances the mind and body, increases circulation, improves flexibility and balances the internal organs. You will leave feeling dreamy. 

Open to all levels; Greatly recommended for injury recovery.

Restorative Yoga

Duration: 60 minutes

This class focuses on relaxation and stress-reduction. Designed as a floor-based practice, supported poses lead into a quiet, inward experience. Props and blankets are used to fully support the body in each posture. Postures are usually held for 5-10 minutes, either in stillness or incorporating mindful dynamic movements into the next pose. This practice is deeply nourishing for the mind and the body. 


Everyone welcome.

Reiki Session

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Universal energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner into your physical body, promoting a balance and union of mind, body, and spirit. This high vibrational life force energy feels like a glowing radiance flowing in and around your own unique body and energetic field. Reiki promotes relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well being as well as an energetic recharge and restoration. You will be invited to lay down in a comfortable, supported position and your mind can fully relax into the present moment. Allow yourself to be receptive to the healing energy and the universal connection reiki offers.


Sessions are practiced one on one and offered in 30 or 60 minutes sessions. Send an email for more information and Annie will get in touch with you. 

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"Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, find a space where I could focus on me and build confidence, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live more mindfully and to be present in each moment."

~ Donna


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